One of several hectic mornings last week at the Beogradski Irski Festival / Belgrade Irish Festival. We started with breakfast at Smok Vica where Garth McColgan was showcasing several new Irish dishes. We then made our way to K.C. Grad, the venue for the jewellery and photography exhibition, where a round of shots of the local gut rot got everyone (excluding me!) in the mood. Resident rockstar/ manager/ owner Alexander graced us with his presence and we headed upstairs to the exhibition space where Simon Phelan, Sandra Malic Tesic, Erika Marks and Tatjana Jakovljevic put the final touches to their exhibits. Finally, a crew from Serbian television arrived and interviewed us all, including head honcho of the festival, Jas Kaminski. Top fixer/magician from the BIF crew, Aleksandra, showed off her super cool black glasses, the sun shone and many fags were chain smoked....Never a dull moment in the life of an international artiste :D

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